All Past Net Tuesday presentations available

Presentations from all past Net Tuesdays (well, I guess that means only two so far) are now available under the Net Tuesdays tab above. We have both video and slide shows for both presentations given on June 3. From the May 6 Net Tuesday, we have a slide show for one of the presentations and a video for the other (and hope to fill in the holes soon).  (Formatting for this page is still a bit rough, so suggestions appreciated.)


Presentations from June 3, 2008 Net Tuesday meeting

Our second meeting on June 3 had about 23 people attending, with a good deal of energy and enthusiasm.  We had two presentations.  The slide shows for them are below.  Videos of the presentations will be posted shortly.

The first presentation was by Larry Miller, on Extensible Meeting and Process Management.

The second presentation was by Seth Horwitz and Ivan Boothe, recapping some of the mashups they saw and were most impressed with at the 3rd Annual NetSquared Conference (N2Y3).

Net Tuesday Philly: June 3

Plans are coming together for a great meeting this Tuesday, June 3 at 6:30 PM, at Independents Hall, 32 Strawberry Street in Old City. RSVP now for the June Net Tuesday!

NetSquared 2008 Mashup Challenge and Conference

Highlights from this month’s Net Tuesday will include:

  • A report (with demonstrations) from Seth and Ivan about some of the really cool stuff they saw at the annual NetSquared conference in San Jose. A key feature of the conference was a showcase and competition among 21 finalists of the NetSquared Mashup Challenge. Innovative ideas and applications, combined with deep, authentic commitment to social change, produced some really interesting sites in various early stages of development. We will showcase a few of these, including the winners of the Mashup Challenge, and highlight principles and practices we believe will be useful and interesting to Net Tuesday folks.
  • A short presentation by Larry Miller of the I Do Foundation about their use of extensible meeting and process management.
  • A live update from the Philly WiFi forum happening simultaneously up at Temple University.  NOTE:  This meeting has been postponed to June 18, so there won’t be an update at the Net Tuesday meeting.

Plus, plenty of time for schmoozing, networking and getting to know one another.

The June Meeting is sponsored by — Engaging Women in the Political Process

Good ideas, good people. Hope to see you there! RSVP now.

Update: Presentations from this Net Tuesday are available online.

Video for Nonprofits: Live Webcast from DC, May 20

NetSquared DC is hosting an event on Tuesday, May 20 at 7:30 PM. The event will be streamed live on the web at

Details of the event from NetSquared DC follow. Continue reading