Great meeting on September 2nd

We had a really fun and informative meeting on September 2, anchored by Rod Murray talking about podcasting and David Kessler talking about videoblogging.

Thanks to Anthony Farrior, who ustreamed the event, you can see videos here:

Dr. Rod Murray is an educational technology leader with 20 years of experience, mostly at Thomas Jefferson University where he teaches pharmacology to 2nd year medical students. He produces a podcast on e-learning technology, Rod’s Pulse Podcast, with over 70 episodes so far. Rod also does web technology consulting with his company, MCS Consulting.

David S Kessler is a fine artist and filmmaker who has been using videoblogging as a medium and a means of distribution for his own work. He is currently working on a body of video work that explores the people and places that David encounters under the El tracks of Kensington, Philadelphia, called Shadow World.  And more of David’s work can be found at Studioscopic.