Notes from the Net Tuesday Planning Meeting, November 11, 2008

Note about these notes:  These are raw notes taken by myself (Seth), and comprised primarily of the contents of sheets of brainstormed topics.  Being brainstorms, we wrote down whatever was contributed, despite some internal inconsistencies.   I’m including everything from the brainstorms into these notes, since this is the only documentation of the meeting (and I want to throw away those big sheets of paper!).   I’ve also composed an “Executive Summary” of my own, subjective “takeaway” from the meeting.  I invite others who attended to share their own recollections or perspectives.  And, of course, anyone who reads this is more than welcome to add their own comments.    – Seth

Executive Summary:  Net Tuesday Philly (the monthly meetings) and Philly NetSquared (the more broadly defined group) exist among a rich variety of related groups and events in the Philadelphia area.  Our core differentiation and value lies in creating a space for techies, social change agents and others who are interested in “using the social web for social change” to come together.  Nonprofit and social change folks can learn about these emerging technologies; techies can better understand how their skills and knowledge can be applied for social change; and all of us can learn from, support and inspire one another.  We want our monthly Net Tuesday meetings to emphasize cases, examples, practical applications, strategic considerations and effective networking.  And, under the Philly NetSquared banner, we want to develop additional opportunities for members to build relationships and benefit one another outside of monthly meetings.  This is really exciting, timely and important stuff.


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