Net Tuesday May 5: Nonprofits and Twitter

The next Net Tuesday will be next Tuesday, May 5 from 6:00 – 9:00 PM at Buffalo Billiards at 118 Chestnut Street.

Come learn about how nonprofit and social change organizations are using the micro-blogging service Twitter.

The popularity and creative use of Twitter by organizations has been growing exponentially.

  • How are nonprofit and social change organizations using Twitter to engage with their audiences?
  • What strategies are useful, and what pitfalls should you avoid?
  • Can you really say anything in 140 characters?
  • And how can you tell if your efforts in the “Twittersphere” are effective?

Join an interactive discussion about lessons learned and future plans of local nonprofit and social change organizations for using Twitter. The Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance will be discussing its recent use of Twitter to engage its members in online advocacy efforts and “live reporting” from events like Philadelphia City Council meetings. Take a look at their Twitter stream.

We’re also inviting other local groups — if you work with or know of a local organization using Twitter, let us know!

Philadelphia Net Tuesday organizers will be Tweeting in advance of our gathering as well as at the event. We encourage you to Tweet about it as well — just use the hashtag #phlnet2 — and if you’re not on Twitter, you can follow along here.

ss_aa_logoWe have a special sponsor this week: bg Theory, an Internet marketing training company. In support of Net Tuesday, bg Theory is offering a discount off of their upcoming Google Adwords seminars in Philly May 20 and 21.  To get the discount, go to the registration page, and enter meetnet as the discount code.

RSVPs via the Meetup page are helpful, but not required. Feel free to show up, and bring a friend. See you next Tuesday!

—Seth (Twitter: @sethhorwitz) and Ivan (Twitter: @rootwork)


Join the Social Web Carnival at the December Net Tuesday!

Come join us for a Social Web Carnival on December 2!

blogging and microblogging — wikis — podcasts — social bookmarking — videoblogs — social networking — picture and video sharing — mashups — RSS feeds — e-democracy — tagging and folksonomies

How do these social web tools relate to social change?

Come to participate in a highly interactive and dynamic event to address this question. We’ll also generate ideas for future Net Tuesday gatherings. And we’ll think of ways for those of us in the Philly area who resonate with these ideas to find, support and inspire one another.

  • Are you experienced in using these tools? Great. Bring your perspective and examples. 
  • Are you inexperienced with these tools, but curious? Great. Bring your perspective, questions and ambitions. 
  • Are you a non-profit or social change activist? Find out how some of these tools might help you realize your mission. 
  • Are you a techie? Discover how nonprofits, fellow techies and others think about using these tools to make a difference in the world. 
  • Are you a visionary or career changer? See if you can find some opportunities and gaps that need to be filled. 

Join us on Tuesday, December 2 from 6:30–8:30 PM at Independents Hall (the co-working space) at 32 Strawberry Street in Olde City. (Strawberry Street runs parallel to and between 2nd and 3rd Streets, and IndyHall is between Market and Chestnut.)

RSVPs via our Meetup Page are helpful, but not required.

Great meeting on September 2nd

We had a really fun and informative meeting on September 2, anchored by Rod Murray talking about podcasting and David Kessler talking about videoblogging.

Thanks to Anthony Farrior, who ustreamed the event, you can see videos here:

Dr. Rod Murray is an educational technology leader with 20 years of experience, mostly at Thomas Jefferson University where he teaches pharmacology to 2nd year medical students. He produces a podcast on e-learning technology, Rod’s Pulse Podcast, with over 70 episodes so far. Rod also does web technology consulting with his company, MCS Consulting.

David S Kessler is a fine artist and filmmaker who has been using videoblogging as a medium and a means of distribution for his own work. He is currently working on a body of video work that explores the people and places that David encounters under the El tracks of Kensington, Philadelphia, called Shadow World.  And more of David’s work can be found at Studioscopic.

Net Tuesday Philly: June 3

Plans are coming together for a great meeting this Tuesday, June 3 at 6:30 PM, at Independents Hall, 32 Strawberry Street in Old City. RSVP now for the June Net Tuesday!

NetSquared 2008 Mashup Challenge and Conference

Highlights from this month’s Net Tuesday will include:

  • A report (with demonstrations) from Seth and Ivan about some of the really cool stuff they saw at the annual NetSquared conference in San Jose. A key feature of the conference was a showcase and competition among 21 finalists of the NetSquared Mashup Challenge. Innovative ideas and applications, combined with deep, authentic commitment to social change, produced some really interesting sites in various early stages of development. We will showcase a few of these, including the winners of the Mashup Challenge, and highlight principles and practices we believe will be useful and interesting to Net Tuesday folks.
  • A short presentation by Larry Miller of the I Do Foundation about their use of extensible meeting and process management.
  • A live update from the Philly WiFi forum happening simultaneously up at Temple University.  NOTE:  This meeting has been postponed to June 18, so there won’t be an update at the Net Tuesday meeting.

Plus, plenty of time for schmoozing, networking and getting to know one another.

The June Meeting is sponsored by — Engaging Women in the Political Process

Good ideas, good people. Hope to see you there! RSVP now.

Update: Presentations from this Net Tuesday are available online.

NetSquared Winners: Tech, Tools and Social Change

The NetSquared Mashup Challenge has just concluded. The three winners, chosen by conference attendees, emphasize all three areas of the NetSquared community: social technology, nonprofit tools and social change.

Additionally, there were two winners announced for the Case Foundation DonateNow Mashup Challenge:

  • Social Actions — Find Social Actions. Create Social Change. (Also a NetSquared winner.)
  • Tweet4Good — Donate a fundraise using Twitter

You can check out videos from the conference from Beth Kanter, and the NetSquared blog will no doubt have writeups in the coming hours and days.

Stay tuned for next Tuesday’s Meetup, where Seth and Ivan will present highlights from the conference and useful tools that other nonprofits can use!
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NetSquared Project Interviews and Session Notes

Some really incredible presentations here at the NetSquared conference, both from featured projects and individual speakers. Seth and I are busily collecting information for next Tuesday’s event.

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Meeting other Net Tuesday organizers

It was great to meet face to face with other Net Tuesday organizers.

Photo of Net Tuesday Organizers at N2Y3 Lunch: Organizers in top row from left to right: (Jennifer Sly (Twin Cities), Fresh! White (San Francisco), Katie Laird (Houston), Ivan Boothe, (Philadelphia), Jean Russell (Chicago), Seth Horwitz (Philadelphia), Sarah Schacht (Seattle), Lewis Hoffman (Chicago), Michael Maranda (Chicago), Lela Prashad (Phoenix), Hatef Yamini (Washington, D.C.), Britt Bravo (San Francisco). Organizers in bottom row from left to right: Jane Zhang (Toronto), Justin Massa (Chicago), Blair Golson (Los Angeles), Eduardo Bejar (Guayaquil), Jason McElweenie (Houston).