All Past Net Tuesday presentations available

Presentations from all past Net Tuesdays (well, I guess that means only two so far) are now available under the Net Tuesdays tab above. We have both video and slide shows for both presentations given on June 3. From the May 6 Net Tuesday, we have a slide show for one of the presentations and a video for the other (and hope to fill in the holes soon).  (Formatting for this page is still a bit rough, so suggestions appreciated.)


Presentations from June 3, 2008 Net Tuesday meeting

Our second meeting on June 3 had about 23 people attending, with a good deal of energy and enthusiasm.  We had two presentations.  The slide shows for them are below.  Videos of the presentations will be posted shortly.

The first presentation was by Larry Miller, on Extensible Meeting and Process Management.

The second presentation was by Seth Horwitz and Ivan Boothe, recapping some of the mashups they saw and were most impressed with at the 3rd Annual NetSquared Conference (N2Y3).

NetSquared Project Interviews and Session Notes

Some really incredible presentations here at the NetSquared conference, both from featured projects and individual speakers. Seth and I are busily collecting information for next Tuesday’s event.

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Meeting other Net Tuesday organizers

It was great to meet face to face with other Net Tuesday organizers.

Photo of Net Tuesday Organizers at N2Y3 Lunch: Organizers in top row from left to right: (Jennifer Sly (Twin Cities), Fresh! White (San Francisco), Katie Laird (Houston), Ivan Boothe, (Philadelphia), Jean Russell (Chicago), Seth Horwitz (Philadelphia), Sarah Schacht (Seattle), Lewis Hoffman (Chicago), Michael Maranda (Chicago), Lela Prashad (Phoenix), Hatef Yamini (Washington, D.C.), Britt Bravo (San Francisco). Organizers in bottom row from left to right: Jane Zhang (Toronto), Justin Massa (Chicago), Blair Golson (Los Angeles), Eduardo Bejar (Guayaquil), Jason McElweenie (Houston).

Hundreds Gather for Social Change Tech

The NetSquared Year Three conference has gotten off to a great start — nonprofit staffers, activists, techies and funders gathering to talk about — and award some money to — using technology for social change.

NetSquared Year 3 attendees

There have been a couple of blog entries focusing on two of the featured projects (full disclosure: I was involved in work on the second of these), and the Genocide Intervention Network. Continue reading

NetSquared Conference Year Three: How You Can Participate

Seth Horwitz and Ivan Boothe of Philly NetSquared are attending the third annual NetSquared conference in San Jose, California. There’s an extensive agenda for the two days, focusing on 21 featured projects from a variety of nonprofits and social change organizations.

Ivan and Seth will be posting items on this blog as the conference develops. But wait! You can participate too!

If you have specific ideas or questions you want asked at the conference, feel free to contact Ivan or Seth.