Net Tuesdays

NetSquared Meetups Philly NetSquared invites you to join us at our monthly “Net Tuesday” meetups, as we bring together web innovators and social changemakers to socialize, strategize, learn from and inspire one another.

Philly Net Tuesdays happen on the first week of each month. Scroll down this page to see some presentations from past Net Tuesdays!

We invite you to RSVP for the next Net Tuesday through our Meetup page. However, you should also feel free to simply show up — and bring friends!

Be a Net Tuesday presenter! We are always looking for people to share their stories about using technology for social change — promote your organization, talk about the innovative work you’re doing, and inspire others to follow your lead! Contact us if you have a story to tell.

Past Presentations

(most recent first)

June 3, 2008

Presentation #1: Lawrence Miller on Extensible Meeting and Process Management:

  • Video:

Presentation #2: Seth Horwitz and Ivan Boothe recapping some of the mashups they saw and were most impressed with at the 3rd Annual NetSquared Conference (N2Y3).

  • Slides:
  • Video:

May 6, 2008

Presentation #1: Ivan Boothe on using Facebook and Myspace for engaging members.

  • Slides (coming soon)
  • Video:

Presentation #1: Mark Graham and Aaron Crosman from the American Friends Service Committee on the AFSC’s Friends for Peace campaign.

  • Slides:
  • Video (forthcoming)
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