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Net Tuesday, September 1: Portal Pilsner

Please join us on September 1 at Buffalo Billiards (118 Chestnut Street), beginning at 6:00 PM. This will be the third and last of our “Summer Ale Series”, Portal Pilsner.

For more information, please join us on our new website!

All future information will be posted there — with the easy-to-remember web address Past posts from this blog have also been moved over, and we’ll be rolling out even more community features there in the near future. Join us!

More details about January 6 Net Tuesday on Blogging for Nonprofits

January’s Net Tuesday will be about Blogging for Nonprofits.

Whether you’re thinking about starting a blog or want to make your existing blog more effective, we’re planning a program that will :

  • feature nonprofits that are using blogs successfully to raise awareness, raise funds, find volunteers and achieve their mission — and how they are doing it
  • share techniques, strategies, tools and resources for effective nonprofit blogging
  • explore thorny issues , such as how to reconcile the need for a blog to have a personal voice, yet also represent the many voices of an organization

We’ll be using an “open panel” format, featuring some local non-profit bloggers, including:

In addition to an informative, interactive discussion about issues confronting new and veteran nonprofit bloggers, we’ll have lots of practical tools and opportunities.

Nate Gasser, of Rock River Star, will demonstrate creating a new blog during the evening with one of the attendees (maybe you?).

We will also introduce an idea to provide ongoing support and encouragement for new and current nonprofit bloggers.

You are encouraged (though by no means required) to RSVP via the Meetup page for this event.

This promises to be another intersting, fun and useful Net Tuesday.

Hope to see you there,


quick update

We had a very productive planning meeting on Tuesday (11/11).  Notes coming soon.

Planning Meeting November 11

This month, we’re not having our regular Net Tuesday meeting. Instead, on Tuesday, November 11, we’ll be having a Planning Meeting. (We’ll resume our regular schedule of Net Tuesday programmed meetings on Tuesday, December 2).

We also want to announce another event of interest to Net Tuesday folks: the first gathering of Philadelphia “Changebloggers”, people who use their blogs (or vlogs or podcasts …) to promote social change. Similar gatherings have already occurred in New York and D.C. The Philly event will be held the evening of Saturday, November 22 from 5-7 PM (Place TBD). You can find more info, and RSVP, here.

Note the different time and place for the November Net Tuesday Planning Meeting on November 11: 6:00 – 9:00 PM at MANNA (12 South 23rd Street).

People are invited to bring their dinners, which we’ll eat at MANNA when we get there. Meg Rider, our host from MANNA, has generously offered to provide some of MANNA’s famous gourmet pies for dessert. Selling these pies is a major fundraiser for MANNA, and of course they’ll be available to order for Thanksgiving.

The substance of the evening will be to talk about Net Tuesday (and Philly NetSquared) — where we’ve been, and where we might go. This is an exciting time for combining the social web with social change (and will likely become even moreso as the most wired president in history takes office). There’s been a tremendous interest in Net Tuesday (139 people signed up for the Meetup group alone).

  • What can we do to help us all share our diverse and dynamic ideas, skills and passions in order to realize our own visions to help repair the world?
  • What sorts of content, format or venue can make Net Tuesdays most effective for most people?
  • Taking the broader perspective of Philly NetSquared, what can we do besides monthly meetings to build connections and community?

Bring your energy and enthusiasm and help bring this group to the next level (whatever we decide “next level” means).  It would be helpful (but not absolutely necessary) to RSVP on the Meetup Page.

Hope to see you there.