Video for Nonprofits: Live Webcast from DC, May 20

NetSquared DC is hosting an event on Tuesday, May 20 at 7:30 PM. The event will be streamed live on the web at

Details of the event from NetSquared DC follow.

Join us for a robust introduction to the topic of video for nonprofits. We’ll cover both the strategy and the techniques behind making video work for your organization.

Our speakers will include Jay Dedman and Ryan Hodson as well as Harry Seldom.

Jay and Ryan are superb vloggers with a passion for making a difference in the nonprofit community. They bring many years of experience from two big names: CNN and PBS. Now, they want to take their creativity to the nonprofit world. Among other things, Jay and Ryanne bring expertise in the technology, creative inspiration and application of video technology.

Their work can be found here:

Harry Seldom brings his expertise in the strategic use and implementation of new media to nonprofit communications — as Harry put it, “the whys and wherefores of using video.” His firm, Mantra Media Design offers the complete solution, but for purposes of this event, Harry will focus on the high-level strategy rather than the technical implementation.

Harry’s work can be found here:


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